Google Pixel Fold Phone Insurance

Firstly, select the variant of your Google Pixel Fold below.


Lowest Price


Full Cover

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Liquid Damage
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Worldwide Cover
  • Unauthorised use up to £1000
  • A hassle free claims process

Essential Cover

Lowest Price

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Accidental Damage
  • Liquid Damage
  • Mechanical Breakdown
  • Worldwide Cover
  • Unauthorised use up to £1000
  • A hassle free claims process

Why insure your (model) with BiMPY?

Our (model) insurance comes with the following

Google Pixel Fold Insurance Explained

(Model) insurance explicitly designed for you and your phone, and choose the level of cover that is right for you.

You can protect your (Model) from Theft, Accidental Damage and Loss with BiMPY mobile phone insurance.

You can make a claim online 24/7 and visit the BiMPY FAQs for further information.

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Deciding whether you need (model) insurance

The Google Pixel Fold is a powerful and versatile device but also expensive. If your Pixel Fold is stolen, lost, or damaged beyond repair, replacing it could cost you up to £1849.

That’s why many people choose to purchase insurance for their Google Pixel Fold with BiMPY.

(model) Range

The Google Pixel Fold is available in two colours: Obsidian and Porcelain. Both colours are available in both 256GB and 512GB storage options.

The Obsidian colour is dark black, perfect for those who want a sleek and stylish phone. The Porcelain is light white, ideal for those who want a more traditional look.

The 256GB storage option is enough for most people, but if you plan on storing many photos, videos, or apps, consider the 512GB option.

(model) Specifications

Display External 5.8-inch & Internal Folding 7.6-inch
Memory & Storage 12GB RAM & 256G and 512GB Storage
Processor Google Tensor G2 Titan M2
Rear Camera 48MP Quad PD
Front Camera 9.5MP Dual PD
Battery 4821 mAh
Weight 283g

Folded 139.7 x 79.5 x 12.1 mm

Unfolded 139.7 x 158.7 x 5.8 mm

Pixel Fold

Pixel Fold 256GB, Pixel Fold 512GB


Yes. You must pay your excess fee before your phone can be repaired or replaced and your excess fee will be dependent on the value of your handset. 

A compulsory excess fee applies to each claim, which we have set out in the table below:

Monthly Premium  Policy Excess
£4 £50
£5 £50
£6 £50
£7 £75
£8 £75
£9 £100
£10 £100
£11 £100
£12 £100
£14 £125
£15 £125
£17 £150
£18 £175

Please note that all claims for loss incur an additional excess fee of £50

You can make a claim online 24 hours a day via our online form, which you can access from your ACCOUNT

Claims are processed and handled by Warranty & Creditor Services, and you can email the claims support team should you require assistance at

Your phone has a unique serial number which is called an International Mobile Equipment Identification. IMEI. 
To find your IMEI, go to your phone and dial *#06#

Loss cover is available with our Full Cover policy. We provide information on what we cover in our Insurance Product Information Documents

Yes, we insure reconditioned and refurbished phones less than 36 months old and purchased from a UK VAT-registered company, which can be your mobile phone network provider or a retailer.

Established in 2011, is a trading name of BiMPY Ltd, registered in England and Wales, company number 07834152. 
BiMPY Ltd is an Appointed Representative of Warranty & Creditor Services Ltd. Warranty & Creditor Services is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 304991. You can verify this information on the Financial Services Register at
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