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You can with BiMPY phone insurance

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You can with BiMPY phone insurance

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You can with BiMPY phone insurance

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You can with BiMPY phone insurance

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Our full cover provides peace of mind from theft, loss, liquid & accidental damage, family cover, worldwide cover, mechanical breakdown and unauthorised use.

Reasons to choose BiMPY

Why get mobile phone insurance?

Mobile phone insurance is an essential investment in our increasingly digital world. Our smartphones often represent a significant financial investment and serve as the central hub for our personal and professional lives, holding invaluable data and serving as our primary tool for communication, work, and entertainment. Mobile phone insurance protects your device against unforeseen circumstances such as loss, theft, accidental damage, or malfunction, saving you the considerable cost and stress of unexpected replacements or repairs. By investing in mobile phone insurance, you safeguard your device and maintain the continuity of your digital life, providing peace of mind in an era where being connected is more important than ever.

Do I need mobile phone insurance?

Deciding whether you need mobile phone insurance largely depends on your lifestyle, the value of your device, and how much risk you’re comfortable with. Modern smartphones can be expensive to replace or repair, and phone insurance can provide financial relief in case of loss, accidents, theft, or malfunctions.

Moreover, if your phone plays a crucial role in your personal or professional life, having insurance can ensure minimal disruption, providing quick repair or replacement services. If you are prone to losing or damaging your phone, rely on your device heavily, or have a high-end model, mobile phone insurance could be a wise investment. It’s about balancing the cost of potential out-of-pocket repair or replacement against the insurance premium and possible deductible cost.

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What does mobile phone insurance cover?

Our policies cover most situations, and our ‘Essential Cover’ suits someone looking to protect their device against theft, accidental damage, breakdown and unauthorised use. Our ‘Full Cover’ policy also includes protection against Loss.

How much will it cost to insure a mobile phone?

The value of your mobile phone will be a large factor in determining the price you’ll pay to insure it. You can choose the level of cover to suit your pocket and you’ll pay the premium monthly. Why not get a quote? it’s quick and simple at BImpy. Work out how much you’ll be paying to insure your device, compared to how much you’d need to spend if you damaged or lost your uninsured brand new mobile phone. You do the math!, as they say. (We’ve done it, it’s a no brainer)

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Going green

At BiMPY, we believe in protecting your devices and the environment. We’re proud to contribute to Ecologi, a company dedicated to fighting climate change and promoting sustainability

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